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I go by a multitude of things, but as long as its directed at me, I will more than likely answer.

I am an aspiring author, and I am currently working on a series called the Time series, named after the first dragon introduced--and one of the two main characters. This series is my child, pretty much, and I have been working on it for nearly four years, re-writing portions of it--and now, re-writing the whole first book. I hope to someday get my books published, perhaps with my own cover art, and if I do, you will ALL hear about it.

I also tend to post very little of my OC art. This is just due to the fact that it is hard for me to post traditional art, and digital art rarely gets finished. I usually have alot of group stuff going up, though. But. The day I get a scanner hooked up to this thing, you will ALL know. Don't worry.

I tend to work with alot of different mediums, from pencil, to pen, to tablet, and more recently, clay. I've found a talent in clay, so alot of clay stuff will be posted as soon as I get the memory to send pictures from my phone.

Don't be afraid to approach me. Despite my high goals and my slight pride issues on the internet, I don't bite. Hard.

Well, if you have any questions, not me, or comment below. Heck, watch me, even! Whatever floats your boat. And don't forget to check out my Time series drawings. :D


Current Residence: Middle of Nowhere, Texas
Favourite genre of music: Varies
Favourite style of art: Depends
Wallpaper of choice: Terezi Wallpapers
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
Personal Quote: 'Laughter is like the common cold--No one is immune, and it's highly contagious.'

Shiny Gallade by Marlenesstamps

I miss grovyle stamp by Superpointfangirl Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by AlphaUmbreon Give me my music by MonochromePixel I'll never forget you by MonochromePixel every time stamp by B33B Pokemon: Pro-3rd gen stamp by MonochromePixel
persona 4 stamp by Zocho
Don't feel like copying over the rules. You can go see them at VerdantFury's journal, where she tagged me.

1. I'm a freshman in college
2. And I love it
3. I tend to be a major introvert, and have a hard time making friends.
4. But what friends I do have are close, and I treasure them. 
5. Uhm....I hate Rhetoric.
6. I'm out of things to say.
7. I have a bad, horrid habit of biting my nails.
8. I haven't drawn in forever.
9. I've been recently drawn into League of Legends
10. I'm a potato.

Questions from her:
1. What's the FIRST thing you do after getting home from work/ school/ etc?
    Get on my computer and play League, admittedly. >.>
2. If you're lying in bed wide awake, what do you do in order to fall asleep faster? 
    I spend most of my time out in the lounge outside my room--I only go to my bed when I'm about to drop dead already
3. Think back to kindergarten or preschool. What did you want to be when you grew up back then?
4. If you had the chance to work for a company that you've admired for years...would you move across the country/ globe for the job?
    ...Depends. There is a lot I would have to think about for this. If it were right this I'm still in school, and have little I could offer to my industry. Not to mention, I have friends, and I don't want to leave them for a job, not yet. If it were in the future, it would depend on how settled I am where I am prior to the job offer and whether the family I may have would be able to come with me.

5. Do you like potatoes waffles? ovo

6. What makes you the most afraid in life? This could be anything from deep, dark, depressing thoughts to actual reality or both.
    Being alone...

7. Do you have an image, video, book, etc that you turn to when you're really stressed out and need to relax?
    Songs. Music. In general. But most of the time, I listen to sadder music when sad/stressed.

8. Are you more of a closed and loyal person in a relationship, or are you more open and free?
    Welllllll haven't had to deal with this, yet, but I'd like to say I'd be the more loyal type. 

9. What's your favorite memory from childhood or recently?
    Favorite memory would have to be from recently. Though exactly what is a secret.

10. I'm out of ideas soooo...just...anything you want to say to me can go here. ovo //will most likely regret this

:iconsimpleskunk::iconbloomins::iconverdantfury:(said you didn't mind being tagged back :P):iconrocketmeowth::icondasherdoodle: Annnnnd I don't really know anyone else enough to torment them.

My questions for the victims:
1. Ever played League?
2. Favorite game genre?
3. One book you could read over and over and over?
4. Do you have any other questions to ask yourself?
5. Can you ask me one question to answer in the comments? I'm bored and need conversation. :c 
6. Why does my friend keep stealing my blanket. D:
7. Why am I a nice person, when it makes things more difficult?
8. *headdesk*
9. Seriously. I just want someone to talk to.
10. Uhm....yeah.

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